Principal and Creative Director Diane Cuddy established a Hoboken, NJ-based graphic
design studio in 1995. Today, the studio is located in Bloomfield, NJ where Diane continues to please her varied client base with a minimalistic design approach. Sensibility to typography, white space and bold use of color are three signature styles evident in her print and website work. Be it a large corporation or a small start-up business, Diane Cuddy Design's philosophy remains consistent - to visually represent her clients' marketing needs with a clear message and clean design solution.

A 1988 BFA graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Diane began her career as a graphic designer at EMI Records in Manhattan. Following her entrepreneurial spirit, she traded in this position in January 1995 and joined the ranks of small business owners. Since that time, Diane has built a diverse client base including educational, corporate, entertainment, financial, publishing and pharmaceutical accounts, in addition to numerous start-up companies.

Diane also served as an adjunct faculty member at the School of Visual Arts, where she taught Basic Graphic Design from 1996-2012 in the Continuing Education Division. In 2008, combining her love of graphic design and teaching, Diane implemented a private graphic design and software tutoring service to individuals, empowering them with the necessary skills to enter the design field.

Whether itís brainstorming with her clients on the latest and greatest or coaching her
students to reach their potential, Dianeís passion for the ever-evolving visual arts field
remains as strong as ever.